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June 21, 2018

Our hectic schedules coupled with our excess of stuff has many families overwhelmed with tidying up. From just about every client we've worked with we hear, "I just don't know where to start."  It's okay to say so.  Unless you are naturally organized you have every right to not understand how to process an excess of stuff.  Just as your hair stylist knows better how to cut and style your hair, a professional organizer knows better how to regain control of a space gone wrong.

It's time to fill you in on the process so you can begin to regain control o...

April 23, 2018

Packing can be a daunting task.  Doing it systematically, as written here, can ease the overwhelm.

Lists help unload our minds of what we feel we need to remember.  Writing it down gets it out of our heads and onto paper where we can cross off tasks or items as we complete them.

So, as a starting point, make a thorough list of all items you will need.  

Gather all of your items to be packed as well as all of your travel/toiletries bags.

Next up, group together all the like items.

For clothing, fold each roughly the same width then tightly roll each ite...

January 25, 2018

My heart!  A recent job involved helping a client downsize their 5 bedroom family home to a two bedroom apartment in a retirement residence.  The family has a beautiful collection of china and flatware.  It was a true honour to be granted the opportunity to help find new homes for these treasures.  

While taking inventory of the collection, I kept thinking about the love and stories shared at the table set with these gorgeous pieces.  Many of these items I'm told were inherited by their parents and grand parents which would date them...

January 16, 2018

Life is so busy.  There are so many aspects of life to be managed on a day to day basis.  Having a home that is free of excess that you do not use allows for better function and less stress.

Assigning homes to those items worthy of occupying your space ensures your surroundings maintain order.  When items are housed in a location that creates ease of use, it is a beautiful thing.

Here is an example...this is my kitchen cabinet that hold our everyday dishes.  I've located it above the dishwasher for easy clean up and beside the dining table for easy tab...

January 10, 2018

As women, we manage multiple aspects of not just our lives but also of our entire family’s lives.  We wear many different hats and are expected to change those hats at the drop of a errr….hat.  Our crew looks to us for gum, tissue, acetaminophen, a points card, etc.  All this means that means we need to carry with us, a lot of stuff.  A pocket book, a purse, a handbag, whatever you may call it, these handy bags are our lifeline.  A day of errands, a road trip or even a full weekend of activities can lead to chaos forming inside your purse....

December 28, 2017

Getting organized is often the easiest part.  Its staying organized that many find challenging.  So many times I've been asked, "...but how do you keep up the organization?"  The answer really is easy.

One of the biggest influencers in maintaining organization is to make items easily accessible AND easy to put away.  Assign them homes that will allow you to access them without having to dig around or move other items to get at them.  Otherwise, you will almost certainly disturb the system and create a mess to clean up and rearrange....

November 28, 2017

Over my adult years, I've moved 9 times.  That's 18 times I've packed and unpacked my kitchen. As odd as it may seem, I've actually enjoyed the process.  

The kitchen is, in my opinion, the room in the home that benefits most from organization. And it is so much fun to plan out. Literally any space can be set up to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible.  When homeowners have the luxury of building new though, a whole new world of opportunity emerges!  The world of custom cabinetry and designing a layout to your own specifications....

November 17, 2017

You aren't alone.  So many of us struggle, for our own reasons, to let go of what has found its way into our space.  That's ok.  To move forward though, take a look at the below 9 reasons people struggle with letting go.  From this starting point, you will more easily be able to reason with yourself on what you really value enough to keep and what you are okay passing on.  

November 16, 2017

A current client had, as most of us do, many, many photos in various states of organization (if any at all).  She had attempted to get them organized on her own more than once but the project was just too big for her busy schedule.  

Together though, we have managed to corral and sort the photos into categories such as kid 1, kid 2, family trips, home renovations, etc. then within each category, we sorted in chronological order.  We still have multiple sessions to go in order to get them all sorted in chronological order by theme before we can begi...

November 13, 2017

Getting organized is one thing.  Staying organized is another challenge all together.  Here's four simple questions to ask yourself before buying something to integrate into your home or office.


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